Invent Your Event – Chapter 2 Terms & Conditions

Chapter 2 – Small Events


1. Activity Eligible for Funding

Small-scale, community focussed literary events

2. General Terms

2.1. Applications must be made in writing, using the online application form or the downloadable PDF of the application form submitted by post. If you have difficulty accessing the application form electronically, you may send a letter requesting that a printed copy is sent to you by post.

2.2. All applications need to reach Literature Wales by the appropriate closing date noted in the table (section 3). Applications submitted after the closing date will not be considered.

3. Closing Dates for Funding Applications

Closing date Your event’s date*
1 May 2016 Any time after 1 July 2016
1 June 2016 Any time after 1 August 2016
1 July 2016 Any time after 1 September 2016
1 August 2016 Any time after 1 October 2016
1 September 2016 Any time after 1 November 2016
1 October 2016 Any time after 1 December 2016
*Please note that your event must take place during 2016

Applicants may be asked to resubmit if the application is deemed of sufficient strength but was unsuccessful as a result of the demand for funds during that particular round.
4. Application Processing

4.1. Literature Wales will not consider applications for retrospective funding under any circumstances.

4.2. Literature Wales will respond by email to your application within fifteen working days of the closing date (listed in section 3). If you do not hear from Literature Wales within this time, please contact us by phone or email to ensure that we have received your application. It is the organiser’s responsibility to ensure that their application reaches us on time – Literature Wales cannot be held responsible for applications which fail to reach us successfully.

4.3. If your application is successful, we will send confirmation of our offer within fifteen working days of the closing date. If we are unable to offer support, we will inform you as soon as possible. In the first instance, contact will always be made by email so please ensure that the email address you supply is correct and that your inbox is checked regularly.

5. Eligibility and Maximum Award

5.1. You may choose to host one of the events commissioned as part of this Chapter, or propose your own event

5.2. Organisers may apply for up to 50% funding towards their event.

5.3. Funding is capped at a maximum of £400 per application, although most grants will comprise £200 or less.

5.4. Applications for more than £400 will be directed to Chapter 1 (Large Events / Festival Programmes / Residencies) of Invent Your Event.

5.5. Eligible costs include writer/literary practitioner’s fees and reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.

5.6. Production and pre-production/rehearsal costs will not be considered.

5.7. Events must be delivered by Wales-based writers or literary practitioners (e.g. academics, editors).

5.8. Private and public sector organisations and companies can apply. Charities may apply as long as the activity is not for fundraising purposes. Political parties may not apply.

5.9. Organisations must have a bank account in their name. Payment will not be made to individuals.

5.10. Organisations which receive funding (core grant or otherwise) from Arts Council of Wales are eligible to apply. Applications from organisations that are in receipt of funding from Welsh Government or Arts Council of Wales specifically for Roald Dahl activity will not be considered.

5.11. Applications from individuals will not be considered.

5.12. Literature and the work of Roald Dahl must be at the heart of your event

6. Payment

6.1. Event organisers must pay the writer/literary practitioner(s) booked in full on the day of the event. Failure to do so may jeopardize the success of future applications.

6.2. Literature Wales’ funding contribution will be paid directly to the event organiser one month after the event date, subject to receipt of the fully completed Evaluation Report. Payment can only be made if this form is completed and returned to Literature Wales. Ideally the completed Evaluation Report will be returned to Literature Wales by email, either to the same address you received it from or via

6.3. The Evaluation Report will include information on audience numbers, success and quality of the event / activity and a final breakdown of the budget. Literature Wales staff will attend certain events to collect additional information for evaluation purposes and organisers must facilitate free entry for them in such cases.

6.4. Literature Wales’ funding contribution must be claimed by event organisers within 3 months of the event(s) taking place. Literature Wales reserves the right to withdraw the offer if it has not been claimed within 3 months of the event(s) taking place. It is the organiser’s responsibility to ensure that their Event Report Form reaches us within this time – Literature Wales cannot be held responsible for Event Report Forms which fail to reach us successfully.

6.5. Before funding is released, you will be required to provide high quality photos/videos of your event. These may be used in future promotional material, social media, on the Roald Dahl 100 Wales and partner websites, and/or in reports to the Welsh Government and partners. Format: Photos attached to e-mail as jpeg (or sent via a file sharing platform), videos sent as downloadable links (e.g. Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.). Please provide image credit where required.

7. Children and Vulnerable Adults and DBS

7.1. While Literature Wales aims to safeguard the welfare of children and young people whilst attending or participating in the literary arts, it is the organiser’s responsibility to ensure that only appropriate writers are engaged. Literature Wales does not take responsibility for the suitability of individual writers and does not provide DRB checks for writers as part of this scheme. The event belongs to the organisation arranging it.

7.2. Visiting writers should never be left without another adult from the organisation when working with children or vulnerable adults. Writers are NOT teachers and at least one teacher must always remain with the writer if the event is held in partnership with a school.

7.3. Literature Wales operates a Children and Vulnerable Adults policy. A copy will be sent to each successful applicant for reference.

8. Acknowledging Support Received

8.1. It is a condition of our support that Literature Wales and Welsh Government are acknowledged in all publicity relating to the event/s receiving support along with and proportionate to that of the other funding partners. This includes posters, programmes, flyers and all other printed publicity as well as clear acknowledgement on all relevant internet and email promotional material, including newsletters and social media sites.

8.2. Press releases and press interviews should also acknowledge Literature Wales and Welsh Government. Additionally, verbal acknowledgement of the support should be made at the time of the event, if appropriate. At events where venue and on-stage profiling is appropriate via pop-up banners etc.

8.3. Use of logos
All Literature Wales and Welsh Government logos should be used to acknowledge support. They should be legible and positioned wherever most practical, but must not be altered in any way.

8.4. Misuse of logos
supporting partner logos should always appear in a horizontal format. Do not stretch or compress the logo. You should always try to use the logo rather than just stating Literature Wales’ and Welsh Government’s involvement.

• Never rotate
• Never distort
• Display with enough contrast between the logo and the background

8.5. If publicity is prepared prior to your application to and does not carry credit to Literature Wales and Welsh Government, this may jeopardize your application. Literature Wales asserts the right to withhold all or part of the agreed funding of any event or project where the organisers have wilfully or carelessly been in breach of the above conditions.

8.6. Any difficulty in compliance with any of the above requirements should be reported immediately to Literature Wales as the clearing house for information requests and queries.

8.7. Links to the appropriate downloadable digital logos will be sent in addition to the paperwork confirming an official funding offer to successful applications.


Any funding offers are made to you on the basis that you accept the above terms & conditions.

By accepting any offers of funding, you agree to these terms and conditions and are therefore bound to them. If you have difficulty with any of these, or would like to discuss them further, please call Literature Wales on 029 2047 2266 or email

Failing to comply with the terms and conditions may result in funding offers being rejected or withdrawn.


Advice for Organisers – Criteria
The aim of Invent Your Event is to actualise quality Roald Dahl events which might not otherwise happen. Demand always exceeds funds available, meaning not all eligible events will be successful.

All applications are assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Is the event innovative, interesting and of high quality?
  • Is the selected writer/s or literary practitioner/s suitable for the intended activity?
  • Is the event suitable and appropriate for the intended target audience?
  • Is the event taking place in a region currently experiencing low provision of literature events and is it reaching new audiences (for more information contact Literature Wales)?
  • Does the selected writer/s or literary practitioner/s demonstrate either a strong track record of event performance or clear ability for this type of activity?
  • Is there clear legacy after the event and, in case of events which are open to the public, will the organiser document it (i.e. filming for YouTube, social media, blog or through local press e.g. Papur Bro, local radio, etc)?
  • For events which are open to the public, is the organiser using appropriate marketing channels / actively encouraging new audiences to attend, not just existing members?
  • For events which are open to the public, is the event likely to attract strong attendance/participation?
  • Is literature and the work of Roald Dahl clearly at the heart of the activity?

Any application deemed not to fulfill at least six of these criteria is unlikely to be successful.