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Gladfest 2016

The UK’s friendliest literary festival is back for the fourth year with an expanded programme of young people’s activities at our beautiful Grade I listed Library.

As part of the Roald Dahl 100 Wales celebrations, marking what would have been his 100th birthday, come and get involved in workshops inspired by Roald Dahl’s most well-loved characters…


Poetry Workshop: Inspired by Revolting Rhymes
Based around Roald Dahl’s collection of funny poems! We investigate how he describes his characters, and how descriptive words hint at their personalities. (Ages 5 – 7, parents keep out!)

Character Workshop: Inspired by Fantastic Mr Fox
Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of the amazing, the daring, the Fantastic Mr Fox, as we take a look at how Roald Dahl creates and describes his characters. (Ages 6 – 7, parents keep out!)

Language Workshop: Inspired by The BFG
Enter the imaginative dream-world of Roald Dahl and unlock your own creativity. Create your own language and you’ll be wizz-popping in no time! (Ages 7 – 9, parents keep out!)

Print Workshop: Inspired by Roald Dahl’s Curious Creatures
Join printmaker Ruth Thomas to make and print a card collage using Roald Dahl’s marvellous animals and creatures as inspiration. Read passages from his most famous stories and develop pictures, photos, toys and ornaments into art to take home. (Ages 8 – 12, parents keep out!)


Print Workshop: Roald Dahl ‘Scrabble’
Using Ruth’s printing press, print individual letters in cool colours – making a famous Roald Dahl title – and then reshuffle them to create silly phrases, the sillier the better! (Ages 8 – 12, parents keep out!)

The Meek Family Adventurers
Tim, Kerry, Amy (12) and Ella (10) are the Meek family. Tim and Kerry gave up their jobs, sold their house and took their girls out of school. Now they go on adventures, share ideas and write books that help others to do the same. Come and listen to the Meeks talk about their 100 Family Adventures, how to push your comfort zones and how to squeeze a bit of adventure into everyday life. Adults and young people welcome!

More fun, interactive Meek events coming soon!

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